On Saturday, 1st August 2020 Eddie Barnshaw had a terrible accident and sadly passed away. His fiancé Hannah, family and closest friends are creating this website as a tribute to the great man.

His friends and Family have set up a fundraiser in his honour Click here to find out more and contribute: https://www.edwardbarnshaw.com/donations-in-his-memory/


Ed’s luxury in life was never material things, but having the ability to offer a person help and make them smile. For him, giving wasn’t an act, but a way of life – Matt Collingwood | The only man I’ve ever met who can change the mood of a room for the better by just spreading love Matt Pritchard | If I could offer you only one tip for the future, being more Ed would be it – Robin Broughton

Funeral Planned for Edward Barnshaw

The death of Edward Barnshaw has truly been a tragedy. The timing in the current pandemic as made everything more difficult, including giving Edward a proper funeral and send off.

The current regulations to help reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus results in only being able to have very limited attendance number at the crematorium. 


The funeral cars will leave, 80, Orton Lane at 2:20. towards Wombourne. Friends and colleagues will have the opportunity to see Eddie take his last journey.

In a World where we can be anything be more like EB! – Rich Port | Ed was the best friend anyone could wish for – Robin Broughton | Dear Ed you have gone away, but in our hearts you will always stay – Giuseppe Corbelli

This will give the opportunity for those who will not be able to go to the crematorium to see Eddie take his last journey.

A car park is available at the property with spaces for 30 cars, with more parking found close by as well.


The cremation ceremony will be held at 3pm on Thursday the 20th of August.

There will be a webcast set up at the crematorium which will enable all to see the cremating ceremony. This will be hosted by Obitus and can be accessed at https://www.obitus.com/

It is recommended that Family and Friends login to the website in plenty of time before the service to view a Test Webcast. During the service window they will be automatically redirected to the Live Webcast of the service.

The log in information to view the ceremony is:

Username Qisa9159
Password 528510

Service Viewing Time 2:56pm – 3:35pm


When the pandemic is over the family will organize a memorial event for Eddie which we expect will be in 2021.